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EMS Uniforms

EMS uniforms go through quite a bit of wear and tear in the course of a shift. For many, this shift is 24 hours long.  During that time the EMT uniform can become soiled and needs to be replaced.  As a paramedic you  may need more than one EMT uniform during the course of the shift. It is important to know that the uniforms you choose can handle the situations you may encounter.
Working as an EMT means more than helping old people up off the floor or transporting heart attack victims.  The people an EMT encounter may be sick, bleeding, or already passed on.  You never know what you are going to encounter on the shift.  It may be a simple transport from the hospital to the nursing home.  It may also be several hours of dealing with the victims of a train wreck or interstate pile up.  The EMS uniform has to be comfortable, stretch with the body's movements, and still look professional.  

The EMS uniform starts with the trousers.  A cotton/polyester blend is perfect because they are lightweight and comfortable.  The trousers will move and stretch with you while you are kneeling beside a patient.  The extra reinforced knees and other areas makes the trousers durable. Pockets are important on the trousers of the EMS uniform.  You must be able to get into them quickly for certain items.  It is nice to have an extra glove pocket as well.  

The EMS uniform shirt should be of the same quality as the pants.  The shirts should look neat and clean at all times.  Certain times the EMT works in a more casual environment.  If you do have this opportunity, you will want to choose a knit shirt which easily identifies you as a paramedic.  Places like county fairs or other social gatherings sometimes keep paramedics and other emergency response people on duty during the event. This allows the patrons to be better protected should there be an emergency.  However, it is important that the people can identify the emergency rescue worker quickly.  The knit shirts available are clearly marked.  The people will know you are an EMT.

The EMS uniform must be able to withstand many washings. With every thing the EMT deals with on a daily basis, the uniforms get dirty. Just like high quality ergonomic chairs EMS uniforms must be manufactured with very durable materials. It may be mud splatters from helping kids who wrecked a 4-wheeler to soot from working on a victim from a house fire.  The EMS uniform can tell a story at the end of a shift.  However, you want to make certain that after washing the colors are still good and did not fade.  It is important to know your EMS uniforms are made of a  reactive dyed material that holds the colors longer.  You want to know that the next time you put on that EMS uniform it looks just as good as when you first put it on.

With the different sales and promotions being offered, it is easy to find quality EMS uniforms at very reasonable prices.  You do not have to sacrifice quality for pricing.  The uniforms you choose can look good every time you wear them.